Everything you would like to know about Bonus Hunting

What is meant by the term 'Bonus hunting'? Many rooms offer its players a variety of benefits for the first deposit, and often these benefits are very beneficial to you. You as a player, just look at the proposals of various rooms for the first deposit and reload bonuses make an initial deposit in this room, "take" bonus and change locations to another poker room. Hunting the bonuses, you can increase your revenue by a few dozens of dollars per hour. With the growth of your skill and bankroll, you should move from a "hunt" for the bonuses to rakeback, which would greatly increase your earnings when playing at higher rates already.

In this article we will show you the basic concepts of "bonus hunting", will explain the process of obtaining bonuses and give some tips for a successful hunt for them.

Initial Sign-up Bonus (deposit bonus) - Today, in the internet, you can find a great number of poker rooms that offer different bonuses to encourage a large number of players. Perhaps, the principal trump of each poker room is Sign-up Bonus or, as it is also called, Deposit Bonus. Some sites give this kind of bonuses to the players immediately after their first deposit, for example, you see 50% up to $ 200. This means that you need to make a deposit of $ 400 and you get another $ 200 from the site absolutely free! Also it is worth noting that some rooms require that you played a certain number of hands, then you can get bonus from the poker room.

Reload Bonus - This kind of bonuses, in principle, is identical to Deposit Bonus. Often, you need a special code to re-deposit, this code states passing on advertising campaigns. Enter the code, make a deposit again and again receive a certain sum from the site. Note: Having received Reload Bonus, it can be cashed immediately.

Raked Hand - Most rooms offer you to play a certain number of Raked Hand in order to gain the deserved bonus. What does "Raked Hands" mean? The answer is simple enough. Usually Raked hand is a dealing, where the rake is at least $ 1 or 50c. As a result, to quickly play your bonus money, you have to play on rates 50c / 1 or $ 1 $ / 2 $.

Bonus Expiration Date - Getting Deposit Bonus and Reload Bonus, almost every room will specify the date to which you must play your bonus. If you cannot play a certain number of Raked Hands, or meet other conditions of the action, the bonus is simply cancelled.

7x, 10x, 15x - Such numbers are listed in the column Terms & Conditions in order to show how many hundreds of hands you need to play to get every dollar of given bonus. For example, you receive $ 100 bonus and they show you that you need to play 7 x hands, to get a bonus. This means that you will play 700 Raked Hands. Only after that you can get your $ 100.

Several ways to play your bonus out

In principle, to play your bonus out, you can play in any game at any limit, except for the micro-limits. Perhaps the ideal place to play this bonus out is Limit Holdem $ 1 / 2 $ 6-max. Of course, you can easily and perhaps even faster play out your bonus at NL HE. Also, you should not forget that the game on several tables at the same time increase the speed of getting the bonus. You can play safely and full tables with 10 players, but at the table with 6 - max per hour of game you can play much more of dealing, thus bonus "is taken" faster.

In order to become a truly successful bonus hunter, you must strive to improve not only the quality of their games, but also you should increase the number of tables, at which you are playing simultaneously. We should be able to control at least 4-5 tables that are the real ace of "bonus hunting." I played on 10 tables at 1 $ / 2 $ 6 limit - max when discourage Reload bonus on CDPoker. You probably can think that I am crazy, especially if you play only at the same table, but the number of tables allowed me for a couple of hours to get my bonuses. To reach such a large number of tables is not difficult, all you need is only practice. Also, do not try to jump above the head too quickly - make sure you feel confident for so many tables, you are playing now. And only after you understand that you can add another table, open it and evaluate the situation further.

Possible level of earnings

You can hunt for bonuses and be a successful player, even if you are not such in reality. Let us imagine what income you'll receive if you are a successful player on 1 $ / 2 $.

If you have 2bb/100 at 1 $ / 2 $, that means you earn $ 4 per 100 hands. At 6 - max per hour it is played about 100 dealings. So, if you play at 5 tables, your earn $ 20 per hour, excluding bonuses. Now let us imagine your income with the bonus of PartyPoker, for example, their $ 100 bonus, with 7 x 700 or Raked Hands. During the hour you play 500 of dealings, but unfortunately they will not be all Raked Hands, but about 200 hands certainly will fall into this category. This means that in order to discourage a bonus, you will spend approximately 3 hours of game at 5 tables. As a result, your earnings per hour increase from $ 20 per hour to $ 50 per hour. This is simple arithmetic.

Of course, not all sites offer such great bonuses like CDPoker and not all allow you to play at 5 tables at once. But Pokercash has tried to collect only the best bonuses just for you! It remains only to wish you a successful hunt.

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