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eCOGRA< (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is an independent organization that was founded with the aim of representing the gamblers’ interest in an internet casino. The non-profit organization ensures that fast payouts, efficient and responsive service, fair gaming, and liable operator conduct are available at the online casinos and poker rooms. eCOGRA works a lot to maintain those online gambling casinos which have their seal on their homepage are transparently and properly monitored. eCOGRA can only give a stamp of approval to those internet casinos which may prove they’re committed to gambler security, reliable conduct and fair gaming. Gamblers know an eCOGRA stamp of approval signifies very much since eCOGRA does a lot to keep up their high standards of internet casino gambling conduct.

An independent world’s accounting firm checks and rechecks regularly online casinos to guarantee gamblers that the games of the casino are random really in wins, the advertisement is clear and honest, the withdrawal requests payments are given swiftly and with no needless delay, and all the player’s individual information is safely stored. eCOGRA works a lot to guarantee fair gaming that the gambler does not have to worry.

Moreover eCOGRA works as an advocate of a player. In spite of the checks they do some things may still take place, and it's good to be sure that somebody will protect you if you need to dispute any result in an internet casino. eCOGRA will help you to obtain a fair and unbiased result. Gamblers who work a lot to win ought to be confident to get their wins, eCOGRA guarantees that gamblers receive what they deserve.

In 2005 a leading online casino gambling site and poker room, eCOGRA was voted the gold medal by more than 27,000 gamblers for Top Watchdog. They appeared to be the best in the business. They are sure to deserve the gold medal for their work.

Once it set high standards eCOGRA have been following them. They have a remarkable standard which they hold for player’s protection and operational effectiveness. They have made it safe to gamble in the poker rooms and in the casinos as well. The Fair Gaming Advocate work has seen it and has been enthused by this. This group is believed to have transparent, fair and fast resolutions, and yet they are professional with everything including communications.

They have resolved the most gamblers’ disputes with the poker rooms and casinos. This was under their authority that these disputes were done swiftly. It’s a main aspect of eCOGRA, and they’ve demonstrated they’ve stood to test this well. This global non-profit body provides players with the Free Fair Gaming Advocate mediation service. Gamblers who couldn’t resolve disputes at poker room or casino go here, and that is one of the reasons why they become famous, and thanks to this they received this award, and published in Gambling Online Magazine.

Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA’s Chief Executive Officer, together with his staff was happy to get this award. Protection of a player is the major eCOGRA aim, and now everybody is sure that this is the case. Disputes that have been involving eCOGRA have been comparatively small, but they’ve had a good program to help those who have a problem. But certainly nothing is too small when it’s called a problem. Each case is significant, and it’s assessed in the right fashion. eCOGRA stands by its Fair Gaming Advocate, that has really been able to resolve most of the problems in 48 hours. This is the standard, and they’ve lived up to this standard.

They monitor their goings of the casino or poker rooms via the independent international audit companies. Up to now, they have got 56 sites that comply with their requirements.

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