The best gambling system. What is it?

The short reply to this question is none of the gambling systems is the best or good! When someone plays any casino has always got odds in favor of the house (house edge). A player’s decisions can change the result of a game (for example, Blackjack). Though, sooner or later a casino will defeat the gambler and there isn’t any system in the world which could overcome this long-standing casino edge. The only thing a gambler can actually do is managing his money and make sure he understands games that means to play with the help of the best possible strategies.

But, in spite of this it has not stopped anybody creating different 'systems' to gamble. Such systems may appear to work, especially in the short-term. However, no one will be able to make use of these systems and earn money without end. If it were really possible the casinos would swiftly have lost everything! But we want to introduce you several popular gambling 'systems'.

The Martingale Gambling System

The Martingale System is called also Gamblers Fallacy or the doubling-up system among experts. Amongst all gambling systems, it is likely to be the best known. Let me explain before we continue: it doesn’t work, but it may be fun.

The strategy is making bets of even money and doubling the last bet till you win. For instance, begin betting US$10. In case you lose, double the following bet to US$20. Continue to double till you win. The system philosophy is that you’ll win finally, and when it occurs you can regain all that you have lost and $10. If you win, you begin from the start again betting US$10.

This system operates in the theoretical world where you’ve got limitless funds and there isn’t a maximum bet. If it was possible you’d certainly benefit lots of time from such a system. Though, nobody possesses unlimited funds and there’s a maximum limit in all the casinos. Thus, in the real world this system doesn’t work. If you take all your funds from the bank and make an attempt, you’ll have lots of tiny wins and after that one huge loss which drowns you.

In the world of casino, you meet players who experienced the same colour emerging over twenty times just in a row. The possibility of the same colour to be spun twenty times in a row is only 1 to 1,813,780 or 0.000055 per cent (in European Roulette in which there’s one zero). Yes, it’s certainly a low likelihood but it really occurs, and when it does happen, you’ll have lost $5,242,900 on the twentieth spin alone. Then you’ll have to bet more than $10,485,750 on the twenty first spin if you bet initially US$10. If you don’t win yet again, you’d have to bet over $20,971,500 on the twenty second spin. At this time, the figures increase quickly! All that is done by you is simply to protect your initial bet of $10!

Though, it doesn’t matter if you’re worth this much money. You’ve reached the highest bet limit long ago. Reaching the highest bet limit you will lose the chance to continue doubling. Therefore, you can forget all about compensating your losses.

Oscar’s Grid Gambling System

This system was first described in the book "The Casino Gambler's Guide" by Allan Wilson in 1965. Wilson met a player, called Oscar, who told him about his winning system demonstrating detailed records of it. The records were moderate but steady profit. Oscar held an enormous bank account and the colossal willingness to venture it for a one-unit-per-cycle triumph. He won with his system’s help for many years!

Wilson made about 280 thousand sequence simulations and then his analysis proved that whilst Oscar was a little lucky, it wasn’t impossible by any means.

In the short or medium run Oscar's Grid system could bring you profits if you’re lucky, like any other system concerning roulette. But, in the end, this system won’t work and you can end up going broke.

The system works in the following way: You bet a unit on just an even-money bet. In case you win, there isn’t any sequence and you begin from scratch once more. In case you lose, you should make the same size bet as that you’ve just lost. In case you win, your next bet is a unit bigger than the preceding bet. If you win you’ll continue increasing the bet size with a unit till the entire sequence brings a profit of a unit or even more. At this time, you’ll bet enough to bring you an accumulated gain of one unit.

This is the most conservative system and it’s least unstable of all the systems that we present here; but it’ll lose money still finally. Though, we think this system is still the best one presented in this article and in the short run it can improve your odds of being lucky. Remember only to put a maximum limit that you’re going to lose in one spin.

The d'Alembert Gambling System

The d'Alembert System, based on "The Law of Equilibrium", was invented by Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, the French mathematician in the 18th century. The d'Alembert System supposes an outcomes balance in the long run. The system philosophy is easy. A player raises his bet by a unit every time he loses, and reduces his stake by a unit every time he wins.

This System hasn’t got a stop-win point. A player ought to set it himself. It’s when a player has won one unit at least. After that a new sequence begins. The higher a player set his stop-win point, the longer the sequence may be generally.

The d'Alembert System doesn’t work in the long run either. It’s true that red will be 48.65 per cent of the times in the long run, but you’ll be wiped out by the instability sooner or later, like all roulette strategies.

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