Gambling worldwide

Gambling is one of the most popular ways of entertainment worldwide. Brick and mortar gaming has over 100 jurisdictions throughout the world, with no two sharing exactly the same of rules. There is useful information on the jurisdictional differences you should know.

Jurisdictional Differences

Each gambling jurisdiction is closely connected with the games. Some might limit the games, offering the games of skill instead, which can be the subject of debate. Others will limit the amount a player can wager as well as the amount he can win. There is the “imprisonment” rule which can be found in Atlantic City. The rule is valid for all roulette games and based on returning half of money a player bets if the ball lands on 0 or 00. As for the Cherokee casino North Carolina there must be respin buttons for all slot machines.

For some players these rules are a kind of incentive to try new things or either excitement about gambling in new places. There are different cases why these rule variants are applied. Some of them are for protecting the player from games with high hold percentage. Others variants are made by tax authorities who are concerned about the tax revenue generated by each game. They ensure that no game is beatable by the players as well.

Differences in Target Market

Casinos around the world are usually different due to regulatory differences between the jurisdictions. However, some casinos differ in the way of attracting certain segments of the market. We can take, as an example, two high-end casinos in Las Vegas – The Regent, and Bellagio. The hotels are well organized, have luxurious rooms with all conveniences, but their casinos are geared to different types of players.

Bellagion casino can be visited by tourists and passers by. The casino is designed in a way to show all the games it offers to player. In other words from any point in the casino you have a good view at all the games.

The Regent on the contrary is more geared to the local residents of Las Vegas. The casino is much smaller and has cozy atmosphere. The machines are not easily viewed by visitors as they are nestled in different decorations. The design lets a player to hide, while having a chance to know other people who walk in.

The Internet

When Internet casino gambling wasn’t well developed casinos offered the traditional games. Blackjack, slot machines and video poker are the games commonly played at land casinos. At first there wasn’t much differentiation between online casinos as it was just a novelty. The fact about the possibility of gambling online was at the center of attention.

As Internet gambling continued developing, certain types of sited started emerging in different parts of the world. The law has developed as well and several casino software developers have taken a strong position in various jurisdictions. What is more, no matter where the site is based, as it is available to players practically in every corner of the world.

The Major Jurisdictions

Internet gaming is concentrated in four major locations. They are Costa Rica, Antigua, Canada and the Mohawk of Kahnawake, and Australia. In each on these jurisdictions, one or more major developers of software drive the types of casinos in these regions.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become an excellent place for online casinos. A license fee to operate a casino simply doesn’t exist. According to studies there are more than 200 online casinos in Costa Rica. The largest suppliers of casino software are RealRime Gaming, Unified Gaming and IQ Ludorm. In spite of all the differences between the suppliers, it’s a fact that the casinos utilizing their software tend to have large customer support facilities with easy access to managers.


Antigua was one of the countries which government issued online gaming licenses. The price of a gaming license is $100 000 annually. Among the major software suppliers dominate Micrograming, Starnet, and BossMedia. The software developers provide full turnkey systems to their operators. And the sites using the same software basically operate with the same service like customer support. Downloadable applications are offered by all of these three developers. As for Micrograming and Starnet, they offer Java versions as well.

Canada & Mohawks of Kahnawake

Cryptologic is the largest supplier of casino gaming in Canada. The Mohawk of Kahnawake is being into online gaming not for a long time. Nevertheless it has opened a hosting facility called Mohawk Internet Technologies which has gained popularity among different casinos. It offers state of the art casino server hosting for the annual fees to the Mohawks of Kahnawake tribe. The Mohawk of Kahnawake has showed itself as a viable location for online casinos to place their services due to the high bandwidth, though the prices are not low. Superior, well trained technical staff is an attractive feature for the casinos. That explains a considerable amount of casinos that have begun to appear on the Mohawks of Kahnawake's land.


There is only one online casino ( currently licensed and regulated in Australia. Despite of it, Australia has become the only first country to fully include a formal license procedure and regulatory process. No doubt, the process is expensive with a base of nearly $200,000, adding the fees of background checks. With that gaming taxes and a fairly high cost of labor Australia can’t be compared with other jurisdictions. However, its license carries with it, a legitimacy, that licenses from other countries cannot. A lot of online casinos have chosen exactly this place to move their operations there.

The Internet World Traveler

As long as players are in a quest to sample the different types of casinos they can be called unintentional world travelers. According to the fact, players don’t know much about the actual location of the casino at which they play.

To tell the truth, there isn’t much that differentiates a casino in one part of the world from those operating in another except the software provider that is popular in a particular region. Sometimes software providers will cross their traditional lines and provide software in new jurisdictions.

In order to find a casino that will suit your interests you should try different casinos. It’s more important to find that kind of a casino than to find one that operates out of a particular jurisdiction. After all, the Internet is a spacious place of information, therefore, there so many types of casinos that all are different, having their own features and advantages. The casino you’ve found today might be entirely different from the one you would find tomorrow. Try to find a casino that is fun to play, has a reliable customer service and finally affiliations with important industry groups such as the Internet Gaming Council, SafeBet or the OffShore Gaming Assocation.

Final Analysis

In the end, the fuzzy lines between the jurisdictions are in a player’s favour. Traditional brick and mortar casinos are simply competing with their neighbors, for that reason they offer incentives to their clients. On the other hand, online casinos must face fierce competition from other online casinos all over the world, and will have to work hard to earn your business. To remain competitive online casinos will have to continue to improve their payout system, offer better odds and higher casino bonuses.

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