The history of gambling

Looking through archeological and historical testimony you can notice that gambling has appeared throughout the ages and history of most civilizations. Scientists agree that according to the information of the 20th century gambling took place among the greatest societies, such as: China (2300 B.C.), Egypt, India and Rome. Another proof of appearing gambling in the early centuries is a discovering of a set of ivory dice in Thebes that dates from before 1500 BC whereas there was specific writing found on a tablet of the Pyramid of Cheops that mentioned gambling. And in the 14th century King Henry VIII of England proclaimed gambling outlawed as his soldiers were spending a lot of time gambling instead of working on marksmanship and drills.

The basis for such games as poker and blackjack comes back to China where they shuffled paper money during 900 AD. Since that time card playing has spread all over the Europe via the Mameluke Empire. As the Mameluke people were followers of Islam their playing cards were decorated with beautiful intricate designs, in the manner of Muslim carpets. Appearing in Spain and Italy cards started distinguishing with the royal men who had power in the royal Court.

In the early 16 century when the French received a hold of cards they made a female figure representing a Queen instead of one male card. After that a pack of cards became known as the “French Pack” the prototype of the today’s 52 card deck.

The game we know today as roulette that means “small wheel” was modernized by Francois and Louis Blanc in France. In 1842 they invented the "Single 0" game that was brought to North America about the same time. Americans added “00”to the wheel known now as American Roulette. The birth of the roulette wheel itself is a little vaguer. Some think that Blaise Pascal, the mathematician of the 17th century, created the wheel. Others supported the theory that the wheel was invented by Chinese, and it appeared in Europe by the help of Dominican monks. In the 1790s American Roulette wheel was used by Prince Charles of Monaco as a means of counteracting the kingdom financial problems that lead to the skyrocket of its popularity.

For more than 2000 years dice manifests into all kinds of games. Among them the most popular is craps (or Hazard). At first it was played in the special gambling parlors by only the upper class citizens and the elite of 18-19th century England. A bit latter the game appeared in France and was called “craps” (meaning “pair of once”). It was simplified in America and it got an instant success. It took place a lot of time since the moment of appearing gambling.

In the 1776 America became an independent country and used gambling as a way to cultivate huge amounts of money for its activities. Nevada made it illegal till 1910. But in 1931this was repealed and of course you Know Las Vegas as the greatest playing phenomenon of the world.

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