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Despite the measures of some United States legislators to curb its growth, the online casino industry has been flourishing for the past several years. As the internet and remote payment methods became more and more accessible, people have gone to online casinos in droves. With such great demand, it wasn’t long before many new online casinos joined the fray. If you want to play at an online casino nowadays, you literally have hundreds of choices at the tips of your fingers (or mouse cursor, as the case may be).

But you probably know that playing at a casino, whether of the online or the physical variety, isn’t just about playing. You also end up playing at a certain casino because of the experience it can offer, or simply because you had a great time the last time you were there. What are the things you should look for in a good online casino?

Be a Customer

If you frequently shop for things at a mall, you’ll probably be familiar with the factors below. Remember that, even though an online casino doesn’t offer you anything physical, you should still treat playing at one as a transaction and yourself as a customer. That means you should demand for satisfaction and for value for money, just like you would when you go shopping at the mall. Here are some things that you might already do when shopping that you might also want to do when shopping around for an online casino.

Free Trials
This is something you should look for, whether you’re a veteran or just a beginner with online gambling. This is now a common feature in many online casinos, and you would be wise to avail of it. An online casino’s free trials or free games allow you to experience how it is to play their games and to determine if you like how their games run. If the casino you’re looking at doesn’t offer features as simple as trial games, it’d be hard to expect much else in terms of value for money and customer service.

A Good Reputation
Similar to how you would think twice about buying stuff from some new store that nobody’s heard of, it’s silly to entrust your money (not to mention your bank account details) with some unheard of online casino that could very well be a fly-by-night operation. A simple Google search will tell you if your prospective casino has been visited by people and what those people think of it. Obviously, companies with good reputations to protect will work harder and go further to satisfy their customers, and that’s good news for you.

Legality and Licensing
Although there have been recent developments that indicate that the United States ban on online gambling could soon come crashing down, it still hasn’t done so and the rules are still in effect. Check if your prospective online casino is allowed to cater to United States players. While it isn’t really illegal for you, it could put your winnings at risk if you play at an online casino that isn’t allowed to accept American players. There are several listings on the internet for online casinos that allow United States players, and a simple Google search should yield them all.

Easy Payments
Even if you don’t really see it, you and the online casino will be dealing with real, hard-earned cash. You should look for online casinos that have convenient and, more importantly, secure payment methods. Your identity, aside from your money, is at risk when you send such sensitive information over the internet. Also, you shouldn’t feel like you’re going through hoops of fire just to get your deposits or your payments to the online casino. At the same time, claiming your winnings shouldn’t feel like applying for federal funding. Never forget that you’re the customer and that your comfort and convenience are paramount.

Fun with Fringe Benefits

You’re going to be paying for the customer experience anyway, so you might as well make the most out of your money. That includes looking for all the fringe benefits that, although they’re not really primary considerations, marketing experts still count as part of the customer experience. And besides, no matter how much you deny it, you really wouldn’t willingly turn down a freebie.

Online casino bonuses
Bonuses are perhaps one of the most looked at factors in looking for an online casino, probably because you can so easily compare them. They conveniently come as quantitative values, so you can quickly put them side by side and determine a winner with a minimum of effort. In almost all cases, the bonus isn’t given outright. Instead, it’s given based on a rate that’s applied to the deposits and payments you make. The rate varies somewhat, with the regular going anywhere from 50% to 100%, but it can even go as high as 400%. The actual amount varies even more widely, with figures going anywhere from $50 to as high as several thousand dollars. It wouldn’t come as any surprise that the amount of free money you would get will play some role in deciding the online casino you’ll eventually play in.

Casino promotions and special events
Variety is the spice of life, and the same principle applies even to playing on online casinos. Sure, the experience is fun at first with all the new graphics and the new experiences, but playing often enough can make it get really old really fast. Promotions like free tournaments, freerolls, extra bonuses, and sweepstakes make the daily playing experience a little more varied and exciting. Again, the special thing about this factor is that you don’t have to pay for them. And it’s really hard to turn down free stuff.

Put Your Priorities in Place

Now you’ve seen that there are actually a lot of factors that contribute towards the whole picture of the user experience that you’re supposed to be paying and looking for. The advantage of this large variety actually gives rise to another problem, and that’s picking your online casino based on a combination of these factors.

If you have that sort of problem, perhaps the best course of action for you would be to list down which of the qualities above you prioritize, and list them in order of their priority. When you go browsing for a new online casino, you can then refer to that list so that you can see which one of your prospective online casinos fulfill your preferences and wants the best. It’s not really about which casino does all of them the best, but rather which casino can get the most of those characteristics in as close to the way you want as possible.

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