Some Myths about Slot Machines

There is a great deal of information about slots on the Net and as expected some is incorrect or wrong. There are various myths around slot machines. Let us examine some of them.

Every new day is a great day for slot players. In general, many believe that casinos loosen up their slots if a casino owner wants somebody to be a winner.

Slot machines are developed to keep a definite part of the money that has been loaded into them. If you play in any world's casino, they could share with you a certain percentage which they maintain for each denomination provided for play. The higher the denomination the lower is the kept percentage. If a casino offers you an average percentage, look for a specific figure for each slot denomination.

If you watch all the progressive slots machines on inauguration day, you'll see every slot is being used. The higher the amount of used machines the higher the generated jackpots. Loosening up the slot machines has no relevance in this situation.

Slots have sequence of spins or a set pattern which it is possible to determine by thorough and intense research.

This can't be true. Slot machines use random number generators as basis. Random number generator produces a great deal of combinations of numbers every minute. There isn't really any pattern that a human being can count, and even though a computer that could existed, it would take months or even years of data and it's all the same you could not push the button at a split second required to get a spins set if you knew that it was approaching.

Casinos can control when exactly a jackpot will be won.

Once more, when the jackpot will be won is determined by the random number generator. The casino can't control this anyway.

Somebody sat down at the slot I had left and win a huge jackpot. If I'd have only stayed a little longer, it'd have been my jackpot.

To make this true, you must have pushed the spin button or pulled the handle at the same split second that the other person did. Any time change gives a different result.

Casinos can manipulate slots by themselves.

The casino gambling industry is a highly controlled industry. You can't find a legal casino that has not any kind of controlling body that monitor the management reliability. Moreover gaming commissions were established to ensure that the casino runs their business in compliance with the rules and regulations set-up for the casino gambling industry.

If a casino make an attempt to run its business in an illegal way, such a casino will be severely punished at once, commonly with a large penalty, and, sometimes it will lose its gaming license.

If nobody has won a jackpot on any slots machine for a long time it is going to be hit big very soon:

There isn't any guarantee when a slot will be hot. As we have already told you, slot machines are developed by computer programs to hold a certain percentage of the funds over a specified time period.

I have been playing this slot for 5 (or 10 or 20) days and have not won the jackpot, so it has to be hit any time now.

We should disappoint you; the odds of winning the jackpot are just the same on the very first spin and the ten thousandth spin. Keep in mind that millions of spins is the basis of all the percentages and to reach 500 thousand spins at 500 spins an hour a player would have to play a slot game for a thousand hours. But even that gives you no guarantee to win a jackpot.

Almost all casino players have a strategy on how to win on slot machines. Expend some time to get such information from the proper resources that have an influence in the gambling industry.

Slot machines give the biggest payout among all the games played in the casino. Players ought to disregard the myths about the slot machines game before starting to play. Then, the player can play the game freely without thinking about something that really has no sense.

By Andrey

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Some Myths about Slot Machines - There is a great deal of information about slots on the Net and as expected some is incorrect or wrong. There are various myths around slot machines. Let us examine some of them.

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