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The lucky winner was an InterCasino player who had a nick "Obaesso". He was a factory worker of middle-age, who dreamt to travel all over the world (before he hadn’t gone away from his home town farther than 50 km). Though, the winner hasn’t received all his win, but just a part of $5,9 million, another $2 million stayed at the game. However, in this case, it wasn’t necessary to wait for a long time, the jackpot was hit again in a few weeks, and besides at a pound casino, thus the prize was ?2 million pounds or nearly $4 million dollars. It’s how the internet casinos added more of players to the millionaires club.

Video poker is likely to be the second game considering the frequency of jackpot happening. Jackpot may be added to different game versions as payment for collecting royal flash. As a rule jackpot is given in a 5 coins game only and begins at 800 - 1000 bets. Though, in video poker jackpots are rarely occurred greater, they usually range from US$1 - 7 thousands (according to the coins value, 25 cents or $1).

Jackpots are popular in one more poker game, Caribbean Poker. A gambler can make an additional bet of a dollar for jackpot. If he has royal flash, he takes the whole accumulated amount of money; if he has street flash, he gets 10 percent of a jackpot. The amount of this game jackpot is usually US$100 - $200 thousands and the record sum that was won is $720000.

You can find jackpots in Caribbean and video poker, slots in most casinos, some other games provides jackpots more rarely, although, jackpot can actually be "adjusted" to every game.

Microgaming provides roulette jackpot. Everybody can earn rather good money of hundred thousand dollars, in case you get the bet at the same number not less than 5 times in a row. Cryptologic and OddsOn casinos also have progressive blackjack. Jackpot can actually be added at any rate, the major condition for this is the game demand.

As you see, jackpots do their own task and let some gamblers win loads of money; however, does it mean it’s worth chasing up the jackpots? It doesn’t in most cases. Alas, every casino uses the popularity of jackpot slot games and place lower percentage of payment for them. Thus the losing risk increases considerably. I have already mentioned in one of my previous articles, that the jackpot games may actually be of stated mathematic expectation for any player. Sadly but mathematical expectation can’t be calculated for the slot games. As a result everyone can hope only that jackpot is large enough to risk. In Caribbean and video poker mathematical expectation can be computed at the given jackpot sum. When there is the gambler's preference in the game, you have an opportunity to have this jackpot amount. In this case, a player can start playing, although he/she shouldn’t expect to win too much. The opportunity to win doesn’t increase together with the jackpot growth.

Some players may feel worry if the casino can pay them such big money amount, in case they contrive to hit the jackpot. If the casino is small, has unknown software, and offers jackpots of hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is extremely doubtful if jackpot can actually be won there. But if you have dealing with casinos of the well-known software producers you shouldn’t doubt. The producer of software himself provides for promised jackpot and he pays the winnings. The funds are made beforehand and there aren’t any problems with the payouts.

If you dream to become wealthy with the help of jackpot, gamble in the best known casinos from the renowned software developers. Good luck.

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