Poker face. How to keep it?

One of the most essential things in a game of poker is not to show emotions. Whether you have a good a hand or a bad one it does not matter. In this article we want to tell you about one of the poker terms that is poker face. We will also give you some helpful advice about how to keep a poker face.

The term "poker face" is used to describe the ability of poker players to make bets without any emotions. They make bets with a blank expression on their faces so that the other players at the table could not read their expression to understand if they have bet money holding a strong hand or weak hand. If somebody has a happy face the opponent players can think he or she has good cards and will not bet much money. If somebody has a displeased or sad face on the others can think he/she has a weak hand then they will bet a great deal of money. The key to play poker properly is the "Poker Face." Below we are going to suggest you some useful advice about how to learn to keep the poker face.

The many often misunderstand what means having a "poker face". It doesn't only concern your face but all the body. To have a "serious" face usually shows you know what exactly you are doing. This face expression will often make an impression on your opponent players that you can use as an advantage. To use sun glasses assists if you are bad with eye contact.

Another important thing is to remain always calm and act every hand at the same way. If you can't control the body and you're shaking or acting nervous actually when you are going to make the move, opponents will see this and fold in place of betting (perhaps, not at the first time but later without any doubt).

Don't be nervous when you put your chips on the table. Don't pick your nose, pull your hair, and bit your nails. Never be sad when you hold a strong hand; good gamblers look through this. If you do not look your rival right in the eye when bluffing, your rival will know that you're bluffing. So, all the time look your rival right in his/her eyes when he/she looks directly at your face. Do not look away even for a second (try to do it at least).

Don't say: "I know you're bluffing" or similar things since if you make your move after that, no matter what other players know the way you react to similar situations and this will not certainly work the way you believed it would. But don't do everything ideally, as you are very predictable in this case. This does not actually make any sense, does it?

Always look at your rivals as seriously as you can.
Make your rivals nervous. Mess with them.
Watch them acting and reacting.

    Here are some tips for you.
  • Practice with your friends.
  • If it is allowed, wear sunglasses. Your eyes give away about your cards.
  • Use a small deal of cash, this can make it much funny and people will not be irrational.

Take note of the following: it is proven scientifically that man's pupils dilate 45 per cent if they look at something that they like.
You can hide your face expression if you wear a cap as well.

And now some warnings you should keep in mind while playing card games.
Never exceed your limit. People often destroy their own lives with gambling.
Ponder over all the things before thinking that you can win, and reraise. Except you have the nuts, take into consideration the possibility that other players have better hands than you do.

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