Top 5 reasons to play real money poker

Many poker players start their career with play money games and gradually learn rules of the game, some tricks and improve their experience before enjoying thrilling and profitable real money poker games. However, some players never start playing real money games, being afraid of losing money, submit their credit cards, become addicted and due to some other reasons. In fact - all these "reasons" are myths. A wise player will never lose, poker rooms are secure enough to trust your personal information and there is hardly a player that becomes addicted with online real money poker< games. Besides of basic reasons, each poker room has a number of special features and mechanisms which prevent players from losing too much money, or get addicted to the game. Anyway - each player needs several valid reasons to make this hard, but very important decision and start playing real money poker. In the following passages I've tried to mention top 5 reasons that helped me to overpower my fears and become a successful real money poker player. These are the reasons that may help you to make this important step, which is necessary on your way to success.

5. It is a fact that your experience grows to the limit of your opponents. I mean that you will never improve your experience playing with losers. You won't find skilled and wise players in play money games, because they are not interested in playing with newbie guys. And besides, the game itself in play money and real money games is quite different. Everybody play fools when there is nothing to lose and on the contrary - when you and your opponents are betting real money, you think before each step thus training your true skills and becoming a really experienced player.

4. Another good reason to consider real money poker games is bonuses and promotions available for real money players only. Each poker room offers number of various bonuses and promotions that help you to earn even more money during each game. Sometimes, even when you lose, you get a bonus that makes it quits. There are first deposit bonuses (a percent of sum you initially deposit), buy-in bonuses on tournaments, cash prizes and chips prizes on various games, etc. For example you can read this PokerStars review< that contains information about various bonuses available in this poker room. Moreover, there are sophisticated schemes that allow players to earn over 50% of total profit.

3. Besides of various cash bonuses, each real money player earns bonus points for each ranked hand he plays. These points can be collected and used to enter various tournaments, buy goodies and merchandise offered by online poker rooms.

2. Dive into the world of inimitable poker lifestyle. Successive real money poker players admit worldwide tournaments, enjoy unforgettable cruises and trips on luxury liners, appear in popular TV shows and get in touch with world famous people including rich guys and Hollywood stars. Of course, just few reach the top of the world, but don't you want to try your luck?

1. And the topmost reason to play real money poker games< is that you can't win BIG money unless you play real money games! In couple of years you can start a successful poker career and become one of lucky guys, who earn money enjoying their favorite activity - playing poker.

As you can see, these reasons are more than enough to make your first real money deposit and open the door into the world of luck and success!

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