To Learn to Play Casino Games at Home

How to Learn
I've always amazed at the number of people at casinos who are ready to plump down their earned money on games they don't know how to play. The people, who shop around, clip coupons and go around the town in order to save some cents on a gallon of gasoline, now are sitting at a casino table and bet US$20 a hand having no idea of basic strategy. Why they do not care about learning the game before playing, I wonder.

Once, casino visitors had little resources accessible that could help them in learning to play the games. My casino education dates back to the "Stone Age", somewhere about 5 BC. I mean BC Before Computers. It is certainly not that time when computers were not invented yet, (I am not so old) but the PC was hardly affordable and the software programs related to business. Video Cassette Recorders were a luxury as well. The educational and self-help tapes were not produced. So there were a small number of books on gambling for those people who felt like learning casino games.

When I learned first blackjack basic strategy, I used homemade handprinted flash cards. I used to put the hand of a player on one side and on the other side the rule for that hand. I sat and trained for hours till I was familiar with all the strategy rules and could recite these rules by heart at once. It was extremely efficient, but extremely boring as well. Everything has changed considerably ever since.

For the last several years of the rapid increase of computers, increasingly more casino gambling software has appeared. The software varies from fun games that have no educational value, to some games that have powerful training programs in fact. Games requiring decision and strategy make on behalf of the player practice at home using the software programs. Such games are Blackjack, live poker and Video Poker. Software for such games as roulette and craps can be useful for you in regard to the game mechanics. Nowadays learning to play casino games is easy sitting opposite your PC in the comfort of your home.

But you'll need actually a bit more than software in order to learn to play casinos games. I'd recommend so called the Three-Step approach to a casino game learning at home. These three steps are: first reading, then watching and practicing at least.

The Cost
How much does it cost to visit the casino and lose money all the time since you can't play the game properly? The education supposes a price. To get education making a bet with real money at a casino table are far more expensive than the book and software program price. The price of lots of good quality gambling books is less than $20. DVDs and videotapes will cost you additional $30. The tutorial software price depends on the casino game and the program sophistication. Good programs can range from $30 to $100. You can begin to learn at home for approximately $100. You'll get back much more money playing properly when visiting the casino in future.

The Three Steps

The First Step: Reading.
Everybody sitting down to play any game at a gaming table ought to have read no less than one book on that game. That player who pays money for chips and begins playing without knowing how to play this game is similar to a hunter who buys a gun and goes to Safari without knowing the animal that he's hunting. So, the results may be catastrophic. There are a lot of good books written by trustworthy authors which can train you the games basic strategy. All the authors who make a contribution to this article have books giving you precise information and teach you how the game must be played in a proper way.

Spend time on reading a good book. Books on gambling aren't novels which you can glance over to get to the end. When finishing it you would like to practise the game on your computer and after that return and reread the book.

There the situations can arise which emerge while you're playing about which you'll have questions. To search the answers in the book can help you to remember the answer when a similar situation comes up again.

The Second Step: Watching
To watch videotapes or DVDs will help you learn the game mechanics. You'll see really how they deal the game and make the bets thus you will know about protocols and the procedures when you're at table. Watching videotapes will help you to reinforce what have been read and maybe to make clear any questions by means of demonstrating you visually how they play the game. Though videotapes and DVDs aren't as widespread as books, you can find videos for the majority of the casinos games. A great variety of videos of the casino games you can find in the free catalogue from The Gambler's Book Shop, Las Vegas as well.

The Third Step: Practicing
After you have read and watched tutorial software you can practise and play at home in order to intensify your skills previous to you go to any casino. Playing casino games on the computer in the comfort of your own home in order to learn is enjoyable over and above educational. You enjoy playing the game therefore you don't feel that you're "studying" to play in fact. Most people are a bit susceptible to criticism. The truth is that we hate when somebody corrects us and pointes our mistakes out to us constantly. If somebody is watching you playing and pointing out all the mistakes you've made you can either give up learning or worse yet have recourse to physical violence aimed at this person. A computer allows you to avoid any human emotions while learning. There isn't any embarrassment if the computer starts beeping and warns you about a mistake you've just made. It is impersonal and you understand it and continue. Practising to play at home will instruct you the correct strategy and help you to become self-reliant. As soon as you have minimized your mistakes you'll be able to play a real game at the casino table.

Playing casino games at home in order to learn is amusing and profitable. I cannot ensure that you'll win, but if you follow this advice your chances will increase.

Learn to play correctly casino games at home before risking your money in a real game. Learning how to play any casino game at home is enjoyable and it'll help you to decrease the house advantage when you play at the casino.

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