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Here is a guide how to increase your chances of winning the jackpot and play online slot machines.

Types of online slot machines.
As with land based slot machines there are different types of online slot machine games. There are 5 main types of online slots: Classic Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Slots with Bonus Features and Games, Progressive Slots and Multi-line slot machines.

In fact all online slots have many common. And if you know how to play on one type of online slot you know how to play at all.

Slot machine strategy

I spend a lot of tame for playing at Slots. I read many books, but I didn't found anything! Like for any game of chance, there is no real " slots strategy " to learn. No one really knows for sure. ( Also if you want to be convinced, you should read about Random Number Generator.) There are only some simple rules and if you follow them, you will give yourself the better opportunity of winning and having fun while playing online slots. Here you can see my rules for playing at online slots.

Here it is:

1. Never play if you're angry, desperate, or broke.
2. Are Online Slots Safe? The answer to this is it all depends on where you play. Always play at well known internet casino like as All Slots or 32 red casino.
3. Beating a casino slot machine is much easier to do when playing for higher stakes.
4. Progressive slot machines are real tempting when the jackpot is higher than it was last time it hit.
5. Never spend a time on any "How to Win at Slots" books or videos. Forget all the advice you got from books, videos, and the lucky lady you met at the buffet. No one can tell you how to win at slots every time you play. It's not possible to know how to win at slots all the time. Can't be done. Someone can tell: "I analyzed over 1,000 slot machine programs and I discovered that...",but it is Lie!

6. Online slots are fun, the more you enjoy yourself, the luckier you'll be.
7. Internet casinos like as All Slots treat their loyal players with respect and lavish them with gifts, so you always win, even on rainy days.
8. You mast know only Rules because No one can tell you algorithm slots.
9. Which online casino should I choose? Choose old trusted online casino such as All Jackpots casino, euro grand casino or Golden Reef casino.
10. Don't believe the common held belief that slot machines are hot or cold!
11. Slot systems. Don't try them!

Online casino payout reports

If you want to play in online casino you must check the payout table of casino! We have online casino payout reports. On this site you can find online gambling payouts.

And some frequently asked slots questions (faq).

What is RNG?
-It is Random Number Generator. Theoretical all slot nachines mast work with RNG, but as a matter of fact all casinos have their own algorithms payout.

Where are the loose slots?
-Hm... Bad question. In other words, how can I win quicker and easier? Think there's no knowledge to be gained in this area? Untrue. Many people play at slot machines, but they don't find loose slots. Loose slots don't exist. It is myth about an easy wins on progressive online slots.

What machines have the best payback percentages?
Many players believe their favorite machines have the best payouts. Is this a myth? Yes.

What is a One Armed Bandit?
A one armed bandit is only another name for a slot machines. Origin of the popular term: the single pull lever is the "one arm", the fact that they used to be rigged to never win is the "bandit".

What's a Take cycle?
The take cycle is the opposite of the pay cycle. If you believe in the take/pay theory, then you might be inclined to assume that a pay cycle is followed by a take cycle, whereby you may get the odd small return, but essentially slot machines take all of the time. If there were take/pay cycles it would only truly be beneficial if you could increase your wager dramatically at any point in time.

What are Symbols? The symbols are pictures, images, graphics or icons that are spread around the reels. They can be bars, cherries, oranges, lemons, - any one of many simple recognizable images. Origninally, Fay's first slot machine featured Liberty Bells, and our common card symbols such as spades and hearts.

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