Slot rules

Perhaps you laugh thinking there can be a page-long article explaining the proper way you can play slots. You just place your money and pull the lever, nothing else, right? Actually, to some extent it is really like that, but above all there are a lot of trifles which you should know before putting your money into slot-machines.

You should thoroughly choose a proper slot machine: it is not as simple as it sounds. We can name plenty of various slot-machine types: single line and multi- line; three-reel and five-reel; as well as bonus Slot, video-and progressive slots. You can see the possibilities are endless. The most reasonable thing here is to look at your bankroll, thinking it over how much you can spend, and then to choose a corresponding machine. Having $200, you can really play on dollar machine and get a lot of spins. But having just $50, in order to get the maximal effect you may play the quarter machines. Having estimated your prize range, you can choose the proper themes from the huge number available.

Put your money in: again it may seem to be simple, but be cautious! If a Progressive jackpot is involved into the game and you are playing the minimal amount of coins, then you will be disappointed: in order to get the largest payout, the player should play the maximal amount of coins. For example, if you have the opportunity to play $2 but you play somewhat a dollar machine. If you wish to hit the biggest payout, you should play two dollars machine only. Certainly it admits that you can lose your money twice faster that is why if you want to spare you money and stretch them, play the single coin. You must know that that if you play the minimal amount your payout will be much smaller, than it could be with maximal amount.

Spin: it is the funniest part of the game, as the reels going around and around keeping you waiting for the results. In some online casinos there is so-called new Auto Spin function, which gives you the opportunity to spin automatically a certain times amount with the certain coin amount programmed for it. The function is very easy and helps you to play Slots and win at it playing at the same time some other games.

Just have fun: here we will give the key not only to slots, but generally for all the games. You should realize that you must play not for the profit, because the Random Number Generators make it hard for the player to get the considerable profit from the slot machines at online casinos. You should play just for fun and only with the sum of money which you can spare, and if you leave the online casino without any money and regret, you will not be late on car payment or rent. And if you are lucky to leave with winning, you are really pleasantly surprised.

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