Slots Glossary

Bonus Feature – on Slots, a combination of symbols starts the bonus feature that allows the slot player to win extra money to the payout. It often has one more game play or free spins.

Buy-Your-Pay – rare slot machine with more payout if you play maximum coins. If you play one coin it activates only one set of winning combinations, while playing maximum coins make available more.

Coin Size – a bet size on one spin, for example, if you want to play a quarter slot game, a quarter is the coin size.

Hit – a slang term meaning a win on a Slot.

Max Bet – the biggest number of coins that is allowed to play on a single spin. Even though you play a quarter slot game, the majority takes into account a maximum bet of two or more coins to earn a bigger payout you get on a winning combination.

Onesies – a slang term meaning a player who plays only one coin at a time.

Progressive Jackpot – a big amount of money growing with every spin can be hit if any player wins on a certain combination during the game.

Payline - the line or lines that win on a slot machine, as the pay table shows.

Payout - the sum a slot awards a player for a win.

Payout Percentage - the part of each wager that is placed into a Slot that then is given back to the player as a win, or in some other words payout. If they say a machine has a 97% payout percentage, this means that 97 cents out of each dollar is given back to players in payouts, and the two cents is left to the casino.

Pay Table - chart on a slot where it is shown the amount of money won on each winning combination.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – a computer program that is used by casinos to pick times randomly for any wins, small or Progressive. This sort of sophisticated program guarantees that all the payouts and wins are honest and fair for the players.

Reels - the slot wheels spinning around when playing. Where they stop determines whether a play is a win or lost.

Static Jackpot - a predefined jackpot that remains stable, there is no dependence on how many people play the slot and how many times it pays off.

Staggered Payout – a pay-out chart giving more money to games including more coins. For example, a big Progressive Jackpot would not be given to a player who played only a single coin, they must play the maximum amount of coins in order to win big.

Symbols - the pictures or icons on the reels that are used to define wins. The traditional classic symbols are stars, numbers and fruit, but nowadays they can be just about anything that goes with the slot theme.

Take Cycle - Slots players’ theory that a slot machine will not pay out if it has just made one. But since online casinos use Random Number Generator, this is a wrong belief.

Tilt - common name for the malfunction of a slot machine. A malfunction usually annuls all plays and the player must wait until it’s fixed to replay.

Winning Combination - the various combinations of symbols on the slot reels to be hit on a slot to get a payout.

Wild – some slots have a symbol which can be replaced by any other symbol to get a payout.

Zombie – a slang term meaning a player who sits at the same slot and repeatedly plays it mindlessly, such a player does not switch machines at all.

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