PaySpark casinos

Casino's name Sign up deposit Review
Captain Cooks Casino 1) $50 free.
2) $500 free for one hour!
3) + $20 bonus on Click2Pay or NETeller deposit.
Casino Classic 1) $20 first deposit bonus and $500 free for one hour!
2) + $20 bonus on Click2Pay or NETeller deposit.
Phoenician Casino $1200 free.
Ruby Fortune Casino $750 FREE AND 1 HOUR FREE PLAY
Crazy Vegas Casino 1) $1000 & 60 minutes Free!!!
2) 100% match bonus.
Piggs Casino 100% WELCOME BONUS

The PaySpark Online Payment Account is a new revolutionary payment method that allows users to buy goods and services through the Internet. It is developed by InfiniaTM.

A PaySpark ATM account lets you access your money at over 600,000 ATM websites, and also selected Retailers all over the world. The PaySpark account is the ideal alternative to sending wire transfers or writing checks. It is the great solution for partner or affiliate programs. The Payspark Card is a variety of a PaySpark ATM account available to selected online players only by invitation.

The PaySpark Account is getting a popular payment method among players. It’s a prepaid debit card but it is also more than a virtual debit card. After your PaySpark account is approved, this process usually takes around 24 hours, and then you get an ATM card automatically. After that you can use it to withdraw your money immediately at thousands of places all around the planet.

You can fund your Payspark Online Payment Account by Credit Card, Western Union, Transfer from PaySpark ATM Account, and Wire Transfers.

Your account can be managed online at the PaySpark site; there you can get an access to free internet statements, therefore you are always aware of what is happening with your account. There isn’t any minimum balance, but accounts with a zero balance which have been inactive for 90 days and will be closed. Payspark has no fees unless you don’t use your own account for 90 days, in that case they will claim a $10 as a monthly administration fee. In reality, your account earns 2% interest that is paid out every month on balances that are $500 or more. This is actually an amazing method and is growing more and more in popularity among the casino gambling community day after day.

Cherry Red Casino

Bonus: $100 free cash!
Read review     Play now!

All Jackpots

Bonus: £ € $200 free cash!
Read review     Play now!

SlotsPlus Casino

Bonus: $500 cash bonus!
Read review     Play now!

EuroGrand Casino

Bonus: £ € $300 cash bonus!
Read review Play now!


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