Aces and Eights

1 Coin Wager 5 Coin Wager
Royal Flush 250 4,000 Coins/ Credits
Straight Flush 70 350
Four of a Kind (Aces or 8's) 80 400
Four of a Kind (7's) 50 250
Four of a Kind 20 100
Full House 8 40
Flush 5 25
Straight 4 20
Three of a Kind 3 15
Two Pair 2 10
Pair of Jacks or Better 1 5

Aces and Eights is basically a variation of Jacks or Better and is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The player is dealt 5 cards and can choose to hold as many as he chooses and get redealt the rest.

As you can see in the pay table it offers extra pay outs for 4 of Kind 7's and a higher pay out for 4 of Kind Aces or 8's.

Your guaranteed a payout for hitting a pair of Jacks or Better.

It's worth max betting 5 coins for the extra value in the 4000 coin Jackpot if you hit the Royal Flush.

Aces and Eights Strategy Tips:

Only break up a winning hand if you have 4 cards to a Royal Flush. So basically if you make as low as one pair or Jacks or anything better simply hold what guarantees you a payout.

How to play other certain draws are below. Basically hold what is stated below and discard anything else. I've tried to keep as simple as possible and not state the obvious.

Aces and Eights
1 4 to a Royal
2 4 to a Straight Flush - open
3 3 to a Royal Flush
4 4 card flush draw
5 Hold any pair
6 4 card Straight - open
7 3 card straight flush
8 2 cards to a Royal flush
9 4 cards to a straight (gutshot)
10 2 cards J or higher
11 Hold J or higher

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