Deuces Wild video poker

  1 Coin Wager 5 Coin Wager
Royal Flush 250 4,000 Coins/ Credits
Four Deuces 200 1,000
Royal Flush w/ Deuces 25 125
Five of a Kind 15 75
Straight Flush 9 45
Four of a Kind 4 20
Full House 4 20
Flush 3 15
Straight 2 10
Three of a Kind 1 15

Deuces Wild uses a standard 52-card deck with all four deuces (2s) acting as wild cards. Due to the fact the player has the advantage of four deuce wild cards the lowest pay out for a winning hand is three of a kind. So you will get nothing for making any single or 2 pair hands.

Full Houses and Flushes intially don't seem to be worth the effort. But don't forget you're going to be hitting them more often because of the the wild cards. There is also a slight variance in the rankings. You can have Five of a Kind. Four of a Kind can pay more than Five of a Kind if they are Deuces. Royal Flushes don't mean all that much unless they are made without the benefit of wild cards.

As is the case with other games, the pay out schedules can and will fluctuate. Both between different casinos and even within the same casino. A Full House may pay 4 coins here, 5 over there, and even 6 down the street. Also note that the paytable offers spectacular returns for the top two hands but then drops off significantly.

Wild cards can make for interesting games. The strategy changes. In fact, the strategy for playing with wild cards is so different that most people prefer to play one or the other exclusively.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Tips:

* The only single card you hold is a deuce. Translation: Don't hold a single ace or any "high" card-it does nothing for you. There is no such thing as a high card in Deuces Wild.
* Never discard a deuce (It can and will be done if you're not paying attention). The only time you might even think of this is if you have a shot at a natural royal. It's the wrong move; don't do it.
* You will never hold only one other card with a single deuce. Again, don't think that holding a high card with a deuce adds any value; it only hurts.
* A pair is always preferred to a four-card straight or flush.
* Never hold two pair. You must. discard one pair (it doesn't matter which) and draw three
* Don't worry about which of the two pair to discard when you have that decision. Sometimes you'll curse your choice, other times you won't. It evens out overall and you have no power to make the "right" choice.
* As a rule, you don't want to play a machine that has less than a five-for-one payout on four of a kind.
* Four of a kind is your sustenance in this game. It accounts for nearly one-third of your total return. This clarifies certain strategy decisions such as keeping a pair over a four-card flush. It also explains why a lull in quads (which will on average show up once in 15 hands) can make your money dwindle fast.

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