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Do you got game? Do you now hold the cards you need to play those tricky combinations? These are just a few of the questions that will shortly be answered when you begin to play video poker games. Similar to the video games seen in malls and bowling alleys, the video poker games can be found online at any computer. Downloading these games can provide hours of entertainment for you and your family.

Not sure what all the rage is about? Practice playing poker and see how similar it is to its video counterpart. There are rules, of course, just like in the traditional forms, but evaluating your play and learning the do's and don'ts of online poker can be as tricky as the combinations you're trying to come up with.

One of the first things to become familiar with is the pay out table! That's why every one plays; to win money! The payout is where you actually "cash out"! You're done playing and you want your winnings. Once you cash out, all credit accumulated switch into cash and you are excused from the video game. So, make sure you don't "cash out" before you're really done playing; the credits are NOT transferable from game to game.

The house is another term to be familiar with. In a game of video poker, this is the site managing the game. This is the payer, the rule maker, the manager of everything you do while you are visiting. If you do something the house doesn't like, then you'll be excused. Make sure to follow all the rules and if you have questions, ask. The bets that you put on the buttons actually go to the house. If no one wins, the house keeps the money and bets are placed again.

There are many who play video poker who feel they have the game "mastered". While it is very much a game of skill, there is some luck involved. While the cards you're dealt at the beginning of a game are not your choice, they are "the luck of the draw", your skills will come in handy by learning the different ways to play your original hand, and then continue to do so in a manner in which you will always get the maximum benefit. As the ultimate goal in video poker is to piece together a hand that will have the highest average payback, it is required of you to know the in's and out's of video poker.

Many refer to "the hopper" and want the hopper to drop! This refers to the "holder" of the winnings. If you're playing a slot machine, the hopper will be what holds all of the coins that will be dropped when someone wins. In video poker, the hopper is what electronically counts the "coins" and drops them into the player's tray. You must pay attention to your tray as the hopper COULD make a mistake. Once play is resumed, there are no adjustments made to your tray from the hopper.

It may sound complex, but video poker can be fun and, if you're unable to get out of the house for any period of time, can also provide a sense of socializing, even if it's electronically.

All video poker games

Game Game Description
2 Ways Royal Five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. J/B variation with an extra Royal Flush payout.
3 Way Action Standard 52 card deck. 3 stage game with 3 seperate paytables.
Ace Invaders Bonus Poker 3 paylines, bottom payline played like draw poker, top 2 paylines play like stud and theres falling aces.
Ace$ Bonus Poker Bonus Poker variation with marked Aces that offer extra jackpot prize.
Aces and Eights J/B variation with extra payouts for some 4 of a kinds 7's and 8's.
Aces and Faces J/B variation with different payouts for various 4 of a kinds.
Acey Deuce Bonus Poker It is similar to double double bonus poker, except aces and deuces are the premium cards in this version.
All Aces J/B variation, with similar payout chart to Bonus Poker but more value given to 4 of kind Aces.
All American J/B variation with different payout values.
Anything's Wild Player can choose which card rank is wild.
Big E Poker Totally unique 17 card game.
Black Jack Bonus Poker Varying high payouts for different 4 of a Kinds with 5th card being a black jack.
Bonus Deuces Deuces Wild variation with bonus payouts for some 4 of kinds.
Bonus Poker J/B variation with bonus payouts for some 4 of a kind hands.
Bonus Poker Deluxe Bonus Poker variation with same high payout for all 4 of a kinds.
Bonus Poker Plus Bonus Poker variation with different paytable.
Bonus Sevens Variation of Bonus Deuces.
Deuces and Joker Wild Has both Deuces and Joker as wild cards.
Deuces Wild Very popular game. Deuces(2's) act as wild cards.
Double Aces and Faces -
Double Bonus Deuces Wild -
Double Card J/B variation with a 53 card deck having an extra Double Card.
Double Down Stud Get dealt 4 cards and having option of doubling bet before seeing 5th card to complete your 5 card hand.
Double Double Aces and Faces -
Double Double Bonus Poker Plus -
Double Draw Aces -
Double Joker Poker -
Double Pay Poker -
Draw 6 Poker -
European slot poker -
Face n' Deuces -
Five Aces Poker -
Five Deck Frenzy
(Progressive game)
Cards are dealt seperately from 5 decks.
Five Deck Poker Variation of Five Deck Frenzy with different paytable and no progressive jackpot.
Flush Attack -
Full House Bonus Poker Going for Fours -
Jacks or Better The first and most commonly played variation of the game.
Jacks or Better Bonus J/B variation with different bonus payout values.
Jacks or Better Double Bonus J/B variation with different bonus payout values.
Jacks Or Better Double Double Bonus J/B variation with different bonus payout values.
Jackpot Deuces
(Progressive game)
Deuces are wild.
Joker Wild (kings or better) Joker acts as a wild card. Pair of Kings minimum payout.
Joker Wild (aces or better) Joker acts as a wild card. Pair of Aces minimum payout.
Joker Wild (two pair or better) Joker acts as a wild card. 2 pair minimum payout.
Loose Deuces Deuces Wild variation with higher payouts at top of the paytable.
Louisiana Double J/B variation with extra card that doubles payouts.
Lucky Suit Poker -
Max Out Poker -
MegaPoker J/B variation with progressive jackpot.
MegaJacks (Progressive game) J/B variation with progressive jackpot. By Playtech.
Money Fever Similar to J/B but with very interesting bonus feature when you hit a flush.
Nevada Bonus -
Mystery Bonus Has bonus reel that increases payouts for set hands for1 deal. By RTG
One-Eyed Jacks -
One At A Time Pay the Aces Discard cards one at a time instead of holding and drawing all at once.
Pick Five Get dealt 2 cards at a time and choose 1. Repeat another 4 times for your 5 card hand.
Pick 'em Poker Get dealt 2 cards, then 2 more of which you choose 1, then dealt 2 more cards.
Royal Aces Poker -
Royal Aces Poker (Progressive game) -
Sevens Wild 7's act as wild cards.
Shockwave -
Sneak Peek Poker J/B variation where you can see the first draw card.
Spin Poker -
Supajax (Progressive game) J/B variation with progressive jackpot. By Microgaming.
Super Aces Bonus Poker -
Super Deuces Wild -
Super Double Bonus -
Super Double Double Bonus -
Super Jackpot (Progressive game) J/B variation with progressive jackpot. By Cryptologic
Super Times Pay -
Super Triple Bonus -
Tens or Better J/B variation but with pair of Tens the minimum payout.
Texas Hold'em Texas Holdem style video poker game.
Triple Bonus -
Triple Double Bonus -
Ultra Bonus Poker -
Wild Heart Video Poker -
White Hot Aces -

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