Video poker strategies

The heart of a online video poker machine is The Random Number Generator (RNG). Its basic operation is the same as at slot machine and other games. The Random Number Generator randomly selects numbers in a range between zero to a few billion. In a online video poker each number corresponds to a unique five-card hand and five replacement cards. Online video poker is so much more predictable than online slots because the RNG is set only one way. The likelihood of any particular hand from a real deck is identical to a online video poker deck.

With certain strategies it is possible to receive a long term win. Professional online video poker players know this and only play online video poker as with certain versions you have a huge advantage over the house and will always come out on top and win money. The best online video poker strategies balance potential profits from every hand with the probability of winning any particular hand. In some cases pat hands are sacrificed for possibly better ones. And there are many other variants to play. The resulting online video poker strategies are sometimes run counter to everything a person learns playing traditional online poker. Yet they work. Unfortunately every change in a pay table requires a change in video poker strategy, so every video poker game has a unique system of optimal play.

Table of what to do with specific cards.

Hand Discard Cards Held
Royal Flush 0 5
Straight Flush 0 5
Full House 0 5
Flush 0 5
Straight 0 5
4 of a Kind 1 4
4 Card Royal 1 4
4 Card Straight Flush - open both ends 1 4
Two Pairs 1 4
4 Card Straight Flush - inside draw 1 4
4 Card Flush 1 4
Ten, Jack, Queen and King any suit 1 4
4 Card Straight - sequential order 1 4
4 Card Straight - non sequential order 1 4
4 Card Straight - non sequential - 3 high cards 1 4
4 Card Straight - sequential order 1 4
3 of a Kind 2 3
3 Card Royal 2 3
3 Card Straight Flush - sequential order 2 3
3 Card Straight Flush - non sequential order 2 3
3 High Cards - Ten through Ace 2 3
Pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces 3 2
Low Pair - Two through Ten 3 2
2 Card Royal 3 2
2 High Cards - Ten through Ace 3 2
1 High Card - Ten through Ace 4 1
Nothing 0 5

Video poker strategies for:
Jacks or better
Deuces wild
Joker wild

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